Togo for Deki

After spending a week with us in Ghana, Matt flew back to the UK and Georgina and I travelled on to Togo, to visit I.A.D.E.S, an organisation that Deki have recently partnered with. It was my first time to Togo, and also the first to a country where the language is predominantly French. We were joined by Bryony Spooner, Deki’s marketing manager, and her trip was completely funded by TPCL. Bryony and I were in a meeting in Ghana last June with I.A.D.E.S CEO Christian Kadangah where the application process of becoming a partner began, so it was wonderful to make this first visit to Togo and see I.A.D.E.S work in action.

I.A.D.E.S works in and around the capital Togo. We visited individuals at their businesses, ranging from photographers, vets, sheep breeders, charcoal sellers, hairdressers and retail shop owners including hardware and fashion. I.A.D.E.S also run training groups, covering social and economic subjects, which are well attended and a rich resource for the community. 

Georgina was also photographing and produced a set of photos from this trip. We have different but complementary styles, so the charity have ended up with a large amount of photos. 

View her post about the trip and view her photos on Deki’s website

I’m really looking forward to visiting Christian and his team again next year.

View my photos from Togo

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