A massive thank you to everyone who supported my 2017 Crowdfunding Campaign!

Small charities do amazing work but they have a big problem. They can’t afford good photographers to help them tell their story. Without a story, you can’t fundraise. Without funds you can’t carry on.

In March 2017, together, we raised £16,210 in crowdfunding and offline donations which will help fund 5 trips, supporting the work of 8 charities. It will also give opportunities to other photographers, writers and filmmakers based in the UK, Africa and Asia to accompany me on these trips so even more inspiring stories can be told and more lives changed. 



Thank you to:

Jamie Jameson, Bryony Spooner, Naomi Rouse, Melanie Knight, Jon Uglow, James Shand, Andrew Sanderson, Claire Jenkins, Richard Bullock, John Hunter, Michelle Graham, Ian McKernan, Jackie Girling, Frances Russell, Thomas Urry, Rachel Pidcock, Trevor Smith, Gail Richards, Ian & Ness Rogerson, Adrian de la Touche, George Cairns, Mark Ouborg, Neil Dickens, Simon Perkins, Carol Williams, Anne Martin, Richard Garnett, Rachel Hubbard, Claire & Mark Woollett, James Shand, Joan Fletcher, John Phipps, Anthony McKernan, Charlie Simpson, Neil & Catherine Carlile, Brian Temple, Marc Lim, Alex Price, Nic & Al MacKinnon, Maria Spink, Reena Agarwal, Frances Barbour, Olivia Prisecaru, Charles Eve, Jill Oldham, Keith MacIntosh, Tom Edwards, Andrew Secker, Elizabeth Sturgess, David Clamp, Sue & Trevor Dickens, Ed Fletcher, Kathie Burton, Zanna Carras, Justin Cooper, Martin Williamson, Ruth Ogier, Bruce McKinnon... and many more!