What they do

Temwa works to support the people of northern Malawi. They train villagers to grow a variety of vegetables and fruit to improve the nutrition in their diet and plant trees to combat the devastating effects of deforestation. Temwa runs HIV testing clinics and works to combat the stigma of HIV, they also build school blocks and fund students through their secondary school education.

What we've done

Since 2015:


In 2015 Adam visited Malawi for Deki, who fund the micro-finance work of Temwa. Whilst he was there it was impossible to visit all the agriculture, forestry and education projects so he went back 6 weeks later to document this work. The photos taken will be used in a new website for Temwa (launching early 2017) and in marketing resources and social media.


What they say

Capturing the work we do in Malawi is vital. Photographs have the ability to tell stories and this is something that we have struggled to do previously. However, Adam has captured the people we serve, the projects we run, the landscape we work in with such beauty. The images have bought our work to life for the many people who support what we do. It cannot be underestimated the impact that these images will have.

From marketing through to fundraising, they prove that the work Temwa is doing is changing and saving thousands of lives in northern Malawi. They also offer audiences a true glimpse into the people that make up the ‘Warm heart of Africa’. I cannot thank Adam, or all of those who supported his crowd funder, enough.
— Sheena Wyne, Fundraising & Communications Director, Temwa