TPCL to partner with photographers in Rwanda

I have visited many projects in Africa and Asia in the last 8 years, and one thing has become clear - there are so many talented local photographers in the countries I visit, yet it is almost always international photographers that are flown in by charities. Local photographers understand the communities and culture much better than we ever will. 

With this in mind, I have been actively looking for professionals (starting in East Africa) to form a photography collective and visit projects on my behalf. This will make my fundraising money go a lot further and the charities will benefit from amazing photos. 

  Photo by  Mussa Utiwonze  used with permission.

Photo by Mussa Utiwonze used with permission.

I travelled to Rwanda in July, with the sole purpose of visiting Jean, Mussa and Gadi, 3 professional photographers from Rwanda, who have been friends since childhood and run photographic businesses in Kigali.

At the time I was interested in meeting fellow photographers. This has now developed to the point where Jean, Mussa and Gadi are going to start visiting projects for TPCL - in Rwanda and in neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and The Congo. They are all working photographers and can move between these countries easily.

  Photo by  Jean Bizimana  used with permission.

Photo by Jean Bizimana used with permission.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I am going to stop travelling, far from it, I will still be travelling 2-3 months each year for existing and new clients, but it does mean that as an organisation we have an amazing opportunity to visit more countries, take more pictures and change more lives. I look forward to sharing more about this opportunity as it develops! I’ll send a separate email soon.

  Photo by  Gadi Hamumugisha , used with permission.

Photo by Gadi Hamumugisha, used with permission.

Loan Cameras

I am also supplying cameras to people working in the charities I support, and so far I have loan stock in Kampala, Kasese and Sri Lanka. These cameras will help provide more immediate photos from the projects.  If any of you have good quality cameras that you don’t need please get in touch and I will find good homes for them!

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