2016: a year in review


2016 was another amazing and humbling year! I spent 88 days in Africa and Asia on 8 trips, flew for 225 hours on 38 planes, and travelled over 70,000 miles to visit the work of 10 charities in 8 countries, resulting in over 4,000 new photos which were gifted to these charities.

It was amazing as always to experience first-hand the work of charities and NGOs across Africa and Asia, and humbling to know that all the trip expenses were paid for by crowdfunding and that so many lives have been positively changed. 

By sharing the stories of these communities, and bringing the work of the charities to life visually, I help transform the way they get attention, raise awareness and increase their funding. The charities that I support haven’t many resources of their own; yet they help restore dignity, purpose and hope to people who can then sustain livelihoods, gain education and provide futures for their communities.

I have met some incredible people this year who are doing brilliant work for those in need, and it is my pleasure to be involved and to hear how my work makes a real difference.

Here is a selection of photos from last year, which show the range of projects I've been able to visit: adobe.ly/2d9eEo9

Taking pictures:  279 hrs

Taking pictures: 279 hrs

In the air:  225 hrs

In the air: 225 hrs

On land:  123 hrs

On land: 123 hrs

Trip planning:  93 hrs

Trip planning: 93 hrs

Post production:  142 hrs

Post production: 142 hrs

Avoiding a cyclone:  24 hrs!

Avoiding a cyclone: 24 hrs!

With the content created from last years trips I’ve been able to continue to help Deki, iMEdTrust, Temwa, The Book Bus, Salt of the Earth, Five Talents UK, Fountain Gate Academy, Grow Movement, Child Action Lanka & Rafiki Thabo Foundation. Here are just some of things we are doing with my photos from 2016:

  • We held a photography event at the Ugandan High Commission which helped raise over £63,000 for Five Talents to continue their work in Northern Uganda
  • From my visit to the Book Bus in Malawi, we will be holding a fundraiser at the Malawi High Commission in the Spring
  • I'm busy creating new print materials and a website for Salt of the Earth, from the photos I took in Tamil Nadu in December
  • We are planning a 10th anniversary film and launch event for Rafiki Thabo this summer
  • Reworked this website

What's next?

I will be crowdfunding again from 20 Feb to 20 March. I need to raise £15,000 to further the work of Taking Pictures, Changing Lives in 2017 - 60 days of visits to existing and new charity projects in Africa and Asia, and building a team of pro photographers round the globe so we can do more trips to more projects. More information soon!

Please stay in touch using the links top right. Thank you so much for your support!

If you represent a charity and are interested in partnering with us this year, please send us a message.

Adam Dickens
Taking Pictures, Changing Lives

Adam Dickens