Making a difference

We are passionate about finding ways to use photography to Make A Difference to the lives of as many people as possible. One of the ways we do this is by building long-term connections with charities that are helping to save lives, improve businesses, increase profitability and create employment in communities all across the globe. And by working with local photographers in Africa, providing opportunities to work with our partner charities.

Watch the videos below to hear their experiences of working with Taking Pictures, Changing Lives.

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Plant Your Future

"We are so grateful to have Adam work with us in the Peruvian Amazon, bringing his support to our small charity, so we can try and compete a bit better on the marketing front and raise more funds to help poor farmers restore degraded, deforested land.” Jenny Henman

Five Talents UK

"Adam has worked with Five Talents now for 8 years, and in that time we’ve supported 35,000 families, giving them a safe place to save, access to small loans to grow their businesses and the skills to use those loans well so their children can go to school with the increased profits, they can put nutritious food on the table and can access healthcare when they need it. Every step of the way Adam has helped us raise the money to help those 35,000 households. All that we do we couldn’t do it without him.” Rachel Lindley

"Adam's work makes a huge difference to small charities like Five Talents UK - without him we wouldn't have the photos that we do on our website or or share our story as well with our donors."  Hannah Wichmann

Hope for Children

"In an age which is dominated by digital, it's crucial to us that we've got great quality pictures to be able to tell the story of what we are doing as an organisation." Ed Fletcher

Child Action Lanka

"Adam has been part of my charity for over 6 years now, and has been doing an amazing job taking photographs and promoting the work of Child Action Lanka which has helped immensely. Adam's work has been very meaningful because he is one of those very few people who has been continuing his support and commitment to the project, ensuring that the profile of Child Action Lanka remains high." Debbie Edirisinghe, Child Action Lanka

Impact Marathon Series

"Any photographer can come in and take photos, but have they listened to the mission, do they understand the bigger picture? Do they get the stories behind what we’re trying to do and do they tell that story? That’s why it’s been really fun working with Adam, he’s really taken time to understand what we’re looking for - testing himself as a photographer throughout the process." Nick Kershaw


"Working with Adam and Taking Pictures, Changing Lives means we can show our supporters the impact they are having, in real close up focus, and give them all the information that they need to continue supporting Deki, so we can continue lifting people out of poverty." Rowan Dade

Jean Bizimana, documentary photographer and humanitarian, Kigali, Rwanda

"You have been nothing but helpful and supportive and it means more to me than you’ll ever know. You have given me the chance of being who I wish to be." Jean Bizimana

Jean has worked on a number of photography assignments on our behalf for our partner charities Lemonaid & Charitea Foundation and Theatre for a Change.

Aileen Puhlmann, Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation

Listen to Aileen from Lemonaid in (a slightly windy!) Hamburg talk about their experience working with one of our local photographers Jean Bizimana, and why it is the right thing to do to tell the stories of their communities through their lenses.

"Jean was a tremendous help. He was much more than a photographer, he was a facilitator, he was a translator, he jumped into ditches to come up with the best photos, and he was invaluable to our time in Rwanda." Aileen Puhlman

The Book Bus

"Adam's model of working with small charities, sharing images that are worth thousands of pounds, sharing his amazing skills, training local teams so that they can tell and show their own stories, this is what charities are all about. Adam took thousands of images while he was with us on our reading projects in Zambia and Malawi. These have had an incredible positive impact on our ability to raise funds. We can't thank Adam enough." Marian Forkin, The Book Bus

Theatre for a Change

"We've been working in partnership with Adam and Taking Pictures, Changing Lives in Rwanda, where he and the photographer Jean Bizimana have helped us publicise the work we are doing there with VSO. Jean Bizimana took outstanding images of the work that we do, and it has helped us communicate vividly and in very very real terms what the work has meant to individuals and communities." Patrick Young

Lyra in Africa

"What Adam is able to do with his photos is show the dignity of real people with real dreams and aspirations who are working to improve their lives. Without his photos it is very difficult to show the impact of our work." Naomi Rouse

Hope Gardens India

"What Adam does is so exciting! He really is able to bring charities and what they mean and what they represent to people who don't know what's going on in other parts of the world." Sherry Secker

Charles Eve, long term supporter

"Taking Pictures, Changing Lives does exactly that!" Charles talks trips to Uganda (and the moon!) and empowering local photographers.