Local stories, told by local photographers

Our dream for Taking Pictures, Changing Lives is for an international network of talented, local photographers that can visit projects on our behalf at a moment’s notice, sharing the stories of their communities and bringing them to life through their lenses. 

We have visited many projects in Africa and Asia in the last 8 years, and one thing has become clear - there are so many talented local photographers in the countries we visit, yet it is almost always international photographers that are flown in by charities. Local photographers understand the communities and culture much better than we ever will. 

We are actively building the capacity of our local professional photographers in Africa, providing mentoring and opportunities to work with our partner charities. 


  Photo by  Jean Bizimana  used with permission.

Photo by Jean Bizimana used with permission.

  Photo by  Jean Bizimana  used with permission.

Photo by Jean Bizimana used with permission.

"You have been nothing but helpful and supportive and it means more to me than you’ll ever know. You have given me the chance of being who I wish to be."

/ Jean Bizimana, Development Photographer, Rwanda

Watch Jean Bizimana, one of our local professional photographers in Kigali, who we will be working closely with this year. Jean has worked on a number of photography assignments on our behalf for our partner charities Lemonaid and Theatre for a Change and talks about his experiences.

Watch Aileen from Lemonaid talk about their experience working with Jean Bizimana, and why it is the right thing to do to tell the stories of their communities through their lenses, and Read their blog post 'Rwandan photography: Teaming up with ‘Taking Pictures, Changing Lives’


Read the latest blog post from Theatre for a Change 'Changing Conversations in Rwanda' which gives an insight into their work. All photos by Jean Bizimana

Watch Patrick Young, Founder of Theatre for a Change: 'Jean Bizimana took outstanding images of the work that we do, and it has helped us communicate vividly and in very very real terms what the work has meant to individuals and communities'

  Photo by  Mussa Utiwonze  used with permission.

Photo by Mussa Utiwonze used with permission.

We have an amazing opportunity to visit more countries, take more pictures and change more lives.

  Photo by  Gadi Hamumugisha , used with permission.

Photo by Gadi Hamumugisha, used with permission.