Usisya Beach, Northern Malawi - 11°13'37" S 34°13'1" E (video)

What they do

Deki works in developing countries, mostly in Africa to empower people living in poverty. They provide them with ethical microloans and business training so they can create sustainable livelihoods.

Where they work


What we've done

Since 2014


In July 2014 Adam visited Uganda for Deki, to document and promote their work. I photographed as many entrepreneurs as possible; all women living in exile – having escaped from war-torn South Sudan.

In June 2015, accompanied by friend Lizi Phippen, he visited the micro-finance work of Temwa in Malawi, Deki's partner charity. Temwa works with communities from the Nkhata Bay North District, an extremely remote area of northern Malawi. This region has 89 villages with a combined population of around 39,000. Most of these villages are situated in a large, flat area beside the lakeshore, with a few located in the upland mountain range.

In 2016 he made visits to Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Ghana to visit Deki's clients.

In 2017 he plans to visit Deki's work in Togo.


In 2015 Adam worked with Deki on a redesign of their website, featuring photography from both trips.

What they say

The work that Adam Dickens has done for Deki over the last 18 months has been absolutely invaluable in terms in raising Deki’s profile and he has become an integral part of the team..

We are now lending up to five times as much every month through our Microfinance loans to some of the worlds most under privileged to allow them to change their lives. We simply wouldn’t have been able to do any of these things without Adam’s help and are incredibly grateful for his commitment, dedication and hard work.
— Bryony Spooner, Deki Marketing Director