A student at Thampanamvely after schools club, Chenkaladi, Sri Lanka -   7°45'35" N 81°35'0" E

A student at Thampanamvely after schools club, Chenkaladi, Sri Lanka - 7°45'35" N 81°35'0" E

What they do

Child Action Lanka (CAL) works to assist and transform the lives of disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka.

CAL defies the commonly held local belief that “street children are born bad”. They enable disadvantaged children to realise their potential and change their lives for the better. CAL provides direct assistance to around 1,150 children in five different locations around the island.

Where they work


What we've done

Since 2011

Adam has visited CAL 6 times, and have spent time at their projects in Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Kelaniya, Batticaloa and Killinochchi.

His photos are used in CAL's promotional literature.

He hosts the current website and have updated it with my photos.


What they say

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us over the last five years. Your stunning photos lifted our fundraising and marketing up to a whole new level and enabled us to feedback to donors, apply for funds, written newsletters in a way that would be seriously lacking and unprofessional without your help.

Your open-heart makes it so easy to work with you and your desire to work relationally and build long-term connections just fits us so well and means you have become a good friend to many of us at CAL.

This last trip in particular enabled me to use photos for a bumper newsletter I was writing which has had fantastic feedback and I know it is largely due to the quality of your photographs. When I saw the photos, knowing many of the children and their stories personally, the way you had captured them actually moved me to tears. I hope you know the impact your photographs have.
— Charlotte Riaz, Child Action Lanka